Small Business + Mobile Phone System

Starting $9.99 CAD/month

Specially design for Small Business Operations.
All-In-One Cloud Based Business Solution

A business solution suitable from small business owners to startup entrepreneurs. Let us handle your business communication more professionally and effectively.

Mobile Phone Operations, converting your mobile phone into a professional business phone system

Operate all your customer's calls through your cell phone. Your customers won't even notice the differences.
Never Miss A Customer Call

Sometimes you can't take a call at that moment, you can extend your customer's ringing time without missing a call. Customers will be placed into professional queue, listening to music on hold or your company's audio advertisements. You may pick up the call when you're available as your customers wait.

Auto Attendant - Redirecting Customers to Appropriate Destination

All calls will be automatically direct to appropriate destination. Its customize by your choice( from your cell phone, your business partner to your office ).
Voicemail / Fax to Email - Easy Access on any Device

Directly send any fax documents and voicemails to your email. Convenience, saving trees, and cost saving.

A Business Solution for any size of business

From a single person operating business to small business owners with business partners, employees and physical location. Flexible and easy to alternate as your business grows.
Combine with Office or Retail Business Phone System

This Solution can also work as standard Hosted PBX business phone system (ex: internal extension calling, call transfer , call park, etc..) in conjunction with mobile phone operations.

Pricing - Minute Plan, No Contract
Our Minute Plan is perfect for startup and small business owners who are looking for cost saving, lower usage, but professional business communication system. With our highly competitive pricing and extensive features available, your business is now ready to go, for now, and for your future.
All Minute Plans include:

  • No term contract, not commitment, cancel anytime.
  • No Setup Fee for self setup option.
  • Easy and Instant Activation. Setting up your business phone system in less than 10 minutes.
  • Use your own IP Phone equipment(s). Support wide range of SIP base equipments (ie. SIP IP Phones, ATA Converters, Software Phones, and Smart Phone Apps) and brands.
  • Online support via Offisky support channel.
  • Toll Free inbound minutes are not included in any minute or monthly plans.
  • For calls forward to external phone number (ie. cell phones), double minute charge will apply (inbound to your phone system + outbound to external phone).
  • Canada Wide Calling includes all major urban cities in Canada (Some Rural cities not included, such as, Yukon, Northwest Territories & Nunavut Region).
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