How it works?

Design and build your phone system the way you want.
How it works?
That is totally depends on what you want. The following list may give you some ideas of how other business owners are using our service. However, it is completely up to you to design your phone system the way to best suit your business environment.

Small Business:

Many small business owners find that using Offisky can improve the initial reputation to their customers with a well designed auto attendant and the extension system. Having a cloud phone system is also very flexible for them when they can work anywhere, anytime without location limit. Virtual fax to email is also very popular for small businesses while they cannot always access into a physical fax machine. In additions, they can always re-design their phone system size to react with the actual reality for their business.


The most common benefits are how we can improve the communication and productivity for corporations. Its more than a normal phone system, Offisky Online Multi-User Operation Panel provides an additional level of features and flexibilities which can also help daily business operations. Features like operating their extensions right from the panel, review co-worker status before the actual communication, manager supervising panel, training tools, etc. are also the common benefits for many corporate users. In additions, the cloud based design, can allow users to perform their duties anywhere, anytime without the physical location limit.

Multi-Location Business:

Businesses with multiple locations can be highly benefit due to the cloud based phone system design combined with the Offisky online operating panel. Because everything is online, no matter how many locations the business has, the complete internal operations can be perform just like a single office. However, each locations can have its dedicated configuration (ie. phone numbers, extension group, departments, fax, auto-attendant, etc.) depending on the nature of each business location.

Operating Multiple Businesses:

If you are operating multiple business at the same time, you may want your business appearance to be separated, but operated together internally to share your resources. With Offisky, you can design how you wish to show your business to your customers (ie. separate phone numbers with different auto attendant, different Caller ID / Name based on your different business, etc) as well as how you wish to operate internally, all under your control.

Businesses with sales or customer service team (contact center):

Businesses with contact center(s) may also benefits by using the Offisky service due to its build-in call queue and its case management system. Unlike other phone system which require to purchase an extensive call center solution service, these features is provided to you in the free subscription basis. But of course, you still need to order necessary usage to sustain the traffic for your contact center.

Events Organizing:

Many businesses, from time to time, may organize events for their business, which may require additional communication method for their event. In such case, they will temporary create additional usage (ie. phone numbers, phone lines, etc) for their events, and remove them when the event is over.

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